It’s cool dudes. Everybody’s doing it!

Laser hair removal has been around for over twenty years now. It’s contributed to countless razor-free vacations, eased endless bouts with burning at the gym and almost completely eradicated crabs (you’re welcome). However despite its immense popularity with women, at Flash Lab, we’re always surprised how often we’re asked the question “Do men get laser hair removal too?”. The short answer is yes. Plenty of men come to us to rid themselves of unwanted hair from all kinds of areas. In fact in many cases, laser hair removal can be even more beneficial for guys than girls. Which brings us to the long answer: if you’re a man and you’re not getting laser hair removal, here are some reasons you should be…

1. Ingrowns

Men’s hair tends to be thicker than women’s which can lead to more frequent and painful “ingrowns” which are hairs that curl and grow underneath the skin. And while women typically suffer from ingrowns that can be hidden along the bikini line, men mostly develop them on their neck and face for everyone to see. Add the irritation of a shaving routine to this chronic condition and it may appear as though you’ve been keeping hornets for pets. Not pretty. But more importantly, not necessary! In six quick sessions it’s possible to correct a problem which has been plaguing you since puberty. Even if you’re someone who wears a beard! Having smooth, healthy, bump-free skin right up to the jawline will make your beard look way better than everyone else’s beard.

2. Save Money

What man doesn’t like to save money? Honestly, we’ve been out with guy friends who can afford New York City apartments complete with dishwashers and a parking space but will still do a double take when they see a particularly good happy hour deal. With laser hair removal you can save all kinds of cash! Using the laser to shape the back of your neck line will result in less hair cuts. In fact some of our balding clients have lasered their entire heads resulting in NO haircuts. Not to mention all those men out there who like to keep their legs and arms hair-free. Did you know that permanently removing your hair with laser can save you up to thirty thousand dollars in regular waxing and shaving costs over a lifetime? Well now that you do, it would almost be irresponsible not to.

4. Improve Your Game

Plenty of athletes perform better when they’re hairless! Swimmers will often shave every last inch of their bodies to attain better race times while cyclists and runners will eliminate hair to avoid chafing. Even wrestlers fare better without the rashes that can come from excessively rubbing up against other hairy guys. So if you’re immersed in sports there are a number of ways laser can improve your performance. In fact we heard the night before Eli Manning just barely pulled away from the Patriot’s defensive line and passed the ball to David Tryee, which he caught ON HIS HEAD, essentially winning the Giants THE SUPER BOWL…they both had laser hair removal.

3. Clean Up Your Playground!

Men. The time is long overdue for you to be grooming your sexy bits. This is something that has been expected of us women for a while now and if you’re not adhering to the same standards at this point, you’ve fallen behind. Laser doesn’t always have to completely rid an area of hair. Some of us just need a little thinning out in the front or perhaps a cleanup in the back. If you fall into that category, then do yourself (and your partner) a favor and book a series. We promise it’ll be worth it.

5. Your Back Hair Will Never Be “In”

One of the things ladies struggle with when deciding if they should go fuzz free in the bikini area, is whether or not they might wish they hadn’t given the fad shifts in another direction. Not surprisingly, in our nearly twenty years of experience, no one has ever come to us seeking to “grow it back”. Still, you men are lucky in this respect because we can guarantee that in one particular area there will be absolutely no second guessing. We at Flash Lab can tell you with complete confidence your back hair will never, EVER, under any circumstance be fashionable. Get rid of it for good!

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