It’s January 2nd people. Which means we at Flash Lab fully expect that all of you are reading this from the treadmill or a Barbara Corcoran seminar and not just on your phone while you wait for your friend to get back from the bathroom at the bar. Not quite there yet? Neither are we. Resolutions are hard. In fact, Jenny and I like to ease into ours by setting realistic goals like not having any. However, if you’re more disciplined than us, why not enhance all your hard work with a few simple add-ons that will really make your results pop? To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common New Year’s commitments but added the laser treatments that will kick them into high gear. Starting with:

1. Get in Shape But Add SculpSure

Who doesn’t want to be more fit in the new year? It’s pretty much at the top of everyone’s list. But let’s be real. Eating better and exercising can be a real bitch. If you’re going to commit to more hours at the gym and less hours at your deli’s breakfast buffet, we’ve got the perfect addition to your recently improved regimen: non-invasive fat reduction. SculpSure is ideal for people who take care of themselves but have stubborn problem areas that refuse to budge regardless of how many sit ups you subject yourself to. With one 30 minute laser treatment you can destroy up to 24% of fat cells in any given area. You know how long it takes to do that at Soul Cycle?! Why not do both? By combining a healthy lifestyle with this fantastic new fat-reducing procedure you can double your results with half the effort. Now that sounds like a resolution we can get behind. For more info on SculpSure Body Contouring click here.

2. Save Money By Trying Laser Hair Removal

This is a no brainer. If you’re someone who waxes regularly, you need to stop that nonsense and start saving with laser immediately. Think about it. A Brazilian wax can cost up to $80 a session! Some of you are having this done every four weeks. Not only is is painful, it’s super costly! With laser you purchase a one time package and you’re done. Start early enough and you can save up to $20,000 over a lifetime! Want more info on this ridiculously obvious solution to unwanted hair? Click here.

3. Drink Less But Enhance Your Results With Laser Skin Rejuvenation

We can’t think of anything more depressing than deciding to cut back on booze but unfortunately, tis the season. There are some solid benefits to curtailing your drinking however. You’ll sleep better, have more energy, crave less junk food AND your skin will brighten up significantly. So why not put your best face forward by including a laser facial routine? All this requires is fifteen minutes every four weeks and you’ll notice smaller pores, tighter skin and less redness to name a few. The most noticeable thing for me personally was how easily my make up went on just three days after my session. However don’t take my word for it. Just look at this text I got from my best friend Vanna after making her try a laser facial during her last visit home:

How incredible is that?? Maybe you don’t have to stop drinking after all! Apparently if you buy a package of laser rejuvenation treatments you can drink up to five bottles of wine without compromising your coloring!

*Disclaimer: Flash Lab does not recommend drinking five bottles of wine. Vanna is a professional and we suggest that you do NOT try this at home.

4. Go Outside More But First Slough Off That Sun Damage

    One of our favorite Flash Lab clients who treated a few months ago.


Pigmentation Correction is honestly one of our favorite treatments! It’s super easy and extremely effective. The picture you’re seeing above is after only one treatment! This means you can get off of Facebook for ten minutes and spend some time in the park without stressing about the sun. While we still recommend slathering on the screen for prolonged periods of exposure, you’ll have an easy out if you aren’t as diligent as you planned.

5. Start Fresh With Tattoo Removal

Honestly. Is there a better way to give yourself a clean slate than by literally erasing the bad decisions you’ve made before? I’ve had this stupid, faded and quite exhausted looking lizard crawling toward my nether regions since 1996 and while it definitely served a purpose at the time, I don’t feel like it’s consistent with the Kelly I want to be in 2017. Tattoo removal is the ultimate in saying farewell to all of the careless, silly and impulsive moves you’ve made in the past to make room for all the careless, silly and impulsive moves you’ll make in the future! For more info, click here and schedule your appointment today.