So Flash Lab has a Little Helper. If you’ve known her for more than five minutes she’ll happily offer to assist you in you’re next move, show you around town if you’re new, watch your kids, bring you food if you’ve contracted chickenpox and most importantly, clean out your cat’s litter box when you go to three destination weddings in a row. She takes on all manner of tasks though. These days it seems charity events are at the top of her agenda. One glance at the Flash Lab schedule and you might think we were running a non-profit and not a laser center with things like “Walk For Lupus” or “Wine Tasting To End Child Trafficking” regularly taking up an entire Sunday. Double points if they involve mild forms of torture. Next week she’s planning to sleep outside to shine a light on teenage homelessness (Flash Lab will be skipping that one) but LAST week was the real challenge! Our Little Helper participated in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Cycle For Survival event to end rare cancers despite her fear of not being able to ride a stationary bike for an hour. (No joke, she trained for this. To ride a stationary bike. For an hour.) At any rate, if you haven’t already guessed, Flash Lab’s little helper is none other than our Little Jenny!

Just look at all of those muscles she’s gotten helping people! We couldn’t be more proud of her! Another real hero however, is the super fit lady to the left (maybe helping makes you look good, in which case we’ll be trying it more often). That’s Tracie Sultan and she’s the woman responsible for wrangling up all of the riders who cycled as part of Team Jill. Don’t know who Jill is? Here’s a bit of a back story: Four year’s ago Tracie joined Cycle For Survival – Team Jill, in order to support her best friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 38 years old. Memorial Sloan Kettering saved her life. Since then, Tracie has continued to be part of Cycle For Survival, raising thousands of dollars every year, 100 percent of which go to MSK’s rare cancer research. When she told us her story, Flash Lab was happy to donate and Little Jenny being the Little Helper she is, couldn’t wait to ride! In fact, not only were there cycling events all over the city, but all over the country as well, resulting in tens of millions of dollars being generated which go directly to Sloan Kettering’s incredible life saving efforts.

Sorry you missed out? Don’t be! You can still donate by clicking this link. Once again, ALL proceeds go to Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer research! Then next year, make sure to look out for Cycle For Survival events near you where you can ride as part of an existing team or create one of your own. I was too late this year, but next year I’ll be riding as part of Team Joanne in honor of someone who is very special to me. It seems like all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. This is a great way to get involved stomping it out! So cheers to Little Jenny and Tracie Sultan for being such great helpers in the fight against rare cancers! You’re truly an inspiration and Flash Lab can’t wait to be a part of the next noble cause  you’ve got cooking! …so long as it doesn’t involve sleeping outside.