If you’re anything like us, your skincare routine has probably shifted and evolved quite a bit over the years. What may have started with a simple cleansing and moisturizing routine is now rife with retinols, clay masks and any number of serums. At some stage you may have graduated to monthly facials, a note-worthy accomplishment for sure. However if you’re serious about skincare and you haven’t looked into lasers, you’re simply missing out on those next-level results.

Introducing Flash Lab’s New Elevated Skincare Program!

Even the most advanced traditional spa facials will only get you so far, as they tend to focus mostly on the outer layers of your skin. Laser technology brings skincare to a new level by going deeper into the sub-dermal layers and healing your skin from within!

So How Does It Work?

Flash Lab’s Elevated Skincare Program is a completely customizable skincare strategy whereby clients can see dramatically enhanced results by combining a number of treatments you can’t get at your local massage spot with state-of-the-art MedSpa services. The right combination of laser treatments can clear up sun damage and melasma, improve acne and smooth out acne scarring, eliminate redness and improve and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Some Treatments to Choose From: 

Even Overall Tone: Combination of Chemical Peel/Candela Alexandrite for dark spots/Clear and Brilliant Permea for extra brilliance/Finish with Vitamin C for protection against UV rays and pigmentation in the future.

Correct Acne and Acne Scarring: Chemical Peel to unclog pores/Clear and Brilliant Permea to lighten acne scarring/Clear and Brilliant Original to smooth out texture/Finish with Vitamin C for boosted results.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Clear and Brilliant Original/Candela Yag for additional tightening and collagen production/Finish with Vitamin C for reduced inflamation.

We’ve had 100% satisfaction from our clients with this new program! To schedule a complimentary consultation and create your own skincare strategy call us at 646 998 5277 or book online here!

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