As a younger person, you’re constantly hearing about what you need to do now, to prepare for your future. Start investing if you want to enjoy retirement! Stuff yourself with avocados to avoid heart disease! Well we’re here to add one to the list, only it’s a lot easier than saving a million dollars or eating salads every day AND it’s for your face, not your 401K. So listen up!

Start Using Vitamin C Now! 

Vitamin C, as a stabilized serum, is arguably the most effective anti-aging product you can find. Why? Because it neutralizes these pesky little pollutants called free radicals, which are pretty much solely responsible for making us look older, more tired and less vibrant.

Free radicals are everywhere! They come from smog, UV rays, are generated by stress, lack of sleep, fried foods, alcohol and more. They roam around inside and outside of the body, looking for healthy cells to latch onto and when they find them, begin a slow process of damage and deterioration called oxidization, that while difficult to reverse, is simple to prevent. So how do we prevent oxidization? With ANTI-oxidants! Antioxidants are like microscopic superheroes that run around neutralizing free radicals by giving them what they want from our healthy cells: electrons. By forking up the goods for us, they keep free radicals at bay, in turn providing our skin with all sorts of benefits!

Vitamin C is one of these antioxidants! In stabilized form, it saves us from sun damage, discoloration, sagging skin and dehydrated skin. On top of that, it promotes collagen production which improves elasticity as well as tone and texture by filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C can also reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process, which is why we recommend it as part of every package in our elevated skincare program!

How To Choose a Vitamin C

Now that you know the science and cell advantages behind Vitamin C, you have a very important decision to make. What kind of C to choose? There are plenty of brands out there, but only a handful are truly effective when it comes to providing all of the benefits listed above. We’ve mentioned Vitamin C in “stabilized” form a couple of times for a reason. It’s the only kind that can be absorbed by your skin in a way that will do it any good. Flash Lab sells Obaji’s Professional C Serum with a 20% L-ascorbic acid. Obaji’s C is stabilized, making it easily absorbed by your skin for maximum efficacy! Flash Lab’s favorite part about Obaji’s C serum however, is that they don’t test on animals, which is why we’ve chosen their product over other leading stabilized brands.

We pair Obaji’s Professional C serum with our Clear and Brilliant and Candela lasers to provide ongoing protection from the sun, to act as a healing agent for pitted acne scarring, to boost tightening effects for clients who are experiencing sagging and for overall vibrance and cell health!

Vitamin C is so versatile, we use it on just about every skincare service we offer, which means it’s never too late to add it to your routine! So even if you’ve already banked a bunch for your golden years and eaten enough heart-healthy foods to thwart a lightening strike, you should do your future face a favor and start using C today!

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