If you’re anything like us, you may be a bit overwhelmed and confused by all of the hype surrounding CBD products. They seem to be everywhere. CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD seltzer (seriously), but what exactly is CBD? Isn’t this just another way to say marijuana? We weren’t so sure ourselves until one of our favorite clients told us about her new CBD Skin Care line and how she thought it would be a perfect Flash Lab fit! And is it ever! For the last month, we’ve been testing these wonderfully potent products with a number of our services and have found this brand to be totally worthy of all the CBD buzz! So what is CBD skincare all about? We’ll let the expert explain in this interview with Amanda Jones, co-creator of Felix CBD Skin Care Line!

FL: OK Amanda, what’s the deal with CBD? Does it come from weed or what?

AJ: Hemp and Marijuana are two different plants, both from the Cannabis Sativa species. CBD comes from hemp and is one of a hundred cannabinoids that you can find in this plant. While most people are familiar with the THC cannabinoid, over the last few years CBD, short for cannabidiol, is becoming the Queen and is widely regarded as the component with the most medicinal potential. It’s been known to provide relief to an array of symptoms including pain, nausea, anxiety, and inflammation.

FL: So what can CBD do for your skin?
AJ: Because of its solid anti-inflammatory + antioxidant properties, it works to reduce puffiness and swelling, can fight premature skin aging and can give your skin a healthier glow with a more pliant, dewy feel. There are many studies showing that it may even treat skin disorders like acne, dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.

FL: Sounds perfect for post laser treatments!

AJ: Exactly. I get Clear and Brilliant laser facials and afterwards, my skin can feel hot and pulverized for few hours. After my most recent treatment, I got home and applied a favorite aloe based product on one side of my face and the Felix moisturizer to the other. Within 5-10 minutes the heat started to dissipate from the cheek with CBD and the redness went away much quicker than the side with Aloe. CBD, combined with Blue Lotus and other beautiful ingredients is really all I will use anymore and my skin has never felt or looked better. People ask me if I am tan or compliment my skin tone more often than ever.

FL: What makes Felix better than other skincare products?
AJ: We are really proud of these products for many reasons. They are derived from plants locally sourced at Hudson Hemp Farm which is a family run business that focuses on regenerative agriculture. They are then manufactured by hand in small batches in the Catskills. There are many products sprouting up almost daily now but I believe in the integrity and quality of our products. A lot of products have very low amounts of CBD in them or even just the isolate. Many are diluted or laden with chemicals that I can’t even pronounce. All of our products are made with full spectrum CBD, which allows your body to benefit from all of the properties of the plant. We have also added Blue Lotus oil into the face cream and face oil which is not to be understated. Blue Lotus is considered the Cannabis of Egypt and has been used for centuries for its many healing and antiseptic properties. The cream and face oil are both light, fast-absorbing and intensely hydrating. We are constantly researching and tweaking different formulas and ideas for future products. There isn’t anything synthetic or artificial in our products and they do not have any chemicals or toxins.


FL: Wow! All of this sounds amazing. But now for a more serious question. Will we get high if we put your products on our face?
AJ: No, you absolutely will not get high. Any cannabinoid, be it CBD or THC, needs to enter the blood stream to produce euphoric effects. So anything applied topicallly will not get you high. Although it wouldn’t be a terrible side effect 🙂

Want to see for yourself? Book our brand new CBD Facial or ask for a CBD Massage “Add-On” at your next Elevated Skin Care service!