It’s the first week of January and party weary people everywhere are pulling themselves together and making a plan to repair all that was ravaged by the holiday season. Gyms are overflowing, diet apps are being downloaded and here at Flash Lab, we see a huge uptick in clients eager to work on one thing that was sure to have suffered some major setbacks: their skin.

Can you count yourself in this category? Too much dairy may have brought on some breakouts. All that alcohol likely left you dehydrated. If you’re looking in the mirror and feeling like you need to do something for your face but you don’t know what, this guide is for you! We’ve asked our estheticians to talk about their favorite treatments and make your foray into med-spa skincare as seamless as possible. Here are the Flash Staff Skincare Picks for 2020:




This quick and easy ultra exfoliating service is brought to you by our head esthetician Shannon. “It’s non-invasive, not too pricey and packs a punch.” she explains. “People can start to look dull in January, either from the dry winter weather or not taking care of themselves. Dermapeels are a great way to brighten your skin without breaking your bank.”. A Dermapeel is a 30 minute treatment where your technician uses a 10 gauge blade to gently remove dead cells, vellus hairs (peach fuzz) and even pigment from the the top layers of your skin. A light chemical peel is applied at the end of the session to absorb any left over debris. The result is a super fresh, more even toned face that displays a natural glow. Because you’ve been cleared of congestion, your products will penetrate deeper, makeup will go on smoother and your skin’s overall health will improve.

Shannon’s Pro Tip: This treatment is a lifesaver for blondes and red heads who can’t do laser hair removal on the lip, chin and cheeks. Which brings us to…


Laser Hair Removal


“Laser Hair Removal is such a no-brainer, I can’t believe anyone pays to wax anymore.” says Emma, Flash Lab’s newest technician. “I love it because it’s truly life changing. Especially on your face. Women with facial hair see a huge confidence boost after one laser session and unlike waxing, this process removes the hair forever.” So how does it work? Laser hair removal is about a year long process by which active growth cycles are killed off every six weeks until no growth cycles are left. The best part about this treatment? (Besides it being permanent) For 90% of the time you’re doing it, you’re without hair! From the first session, you’ll see smoother, healthier skin that will improve over time. If cost is what’s holding you back, do the math! Pay for one laser series and see what you’ll save in waxing and razors over a life time.

Emma’s Pro Tip: Suffering from acne breakouts? Clogged follicles can be the cause. Get to the root of the problem. Eliminate the hair and see your skin clear up sooner than later!


Laser Genesis


“Everyone loves Laser Genesis!” says Hope, Flash Lab’s resident skin soother. “It’s so versatile. It’s great for all skin types and can correct so many client concerns in one session.” So what does Genesis do? The question should really be “what doesn’t it do?”. This treatment uses heat to gently warm the sub-dermal layers of the skin to stimulate collagen, kill bacteria, shrink pores and eliminate redness. This means it’s great for clients with rosacea, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and moderate elasticity loss. “Genesis has a calming effect on aggravated skin.” Hope continues. “It’s a comfortable service with no downtime so it’s good for almost everyone!”

Hope’s Pro Tip: If you’re naturally red, make this treatment a part of your regular routine. Good skincare is a process and results don’t always happen over night. You’ll thank yourself for investing in a series!




This one seems like an obvious choice coming from Flash Lab’s one and only semi-permanent makeup artist Estefania, but there are a variety of cosmetic tattoos you can get these days, from full lip tint to a simple eye liner, and none of them will change your face as dramatically as perfectly shaped brows. “Your brows can say a lot about you.” Estefy explains. “A bolder ombre brow, which is faded towards the front and sharper around the arch, projects a more powerful image but a lighter, feathered brow, which simply fills in the gaps, will give you a more natural, easy-breezy look.” Micropigments have made incredible advances in the last few years meaning colors can be more closely matched to your own and will last longer. Hate bending over your bathroom sink, painstakingly penciling in your arches every day? Book a microblading session and have beautifully crafted brows until 2022!

Estefania’s Pro Tip: Do your research. Before your appointment, find some brows that speak to you and bring pictures of them with you. A thorough consultation is key to getting a result you will love!


Photo Facial


Nothing will take years off your face, hands and chest like pigmentation correction! Which is why Flash Lab’s owner (and only staff member in her 40s) Kelly Rheel, finds this service to be her favorite. “The results can be mind blowing. Sun damage is the kind of thing we tend not to notice until there’s a ton of it. Then it makes us look weathered. The Photo Facial pulverizes dark spots and either gets rid of them all together or significantly lightens them giving you a much more even tone, which in turn makes us look brighter, fresher and younger! Plus it’s fun to do. I love hearing the little pop the spots make when I hit them.” Sessions can be as short as ten minutes but down time can be up to two weeks so this is a treatment you need to plan for.

Kelly’s Pro Tip: Make sure you’re on a laser, not an IPL. Flash Lab uses a Candela Gmax Pro for pigmentation correction. You’ll have better results and need less sessions overall.


Honorable Mention: MdPen Microneedling


We’re including this service because its one the whole Flash Staff is excited about! Microneedling can give you very impressive results when it comes to acne scarring, rosacea, sun damage, melasma, pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, elasticity and overall vibrance. At Flash Lab, we even use it to help with surgical scars, stretch marks and hair restoration. It works by using tiny needles to carefully create micro-injuries to various levels of the dermis and epidermis. This initiates a healing process causing your body to repair itself and form brand new skin, free from damage! One session is a great way to brighten up for a special event. Invest in a series and see your skin make serious improvements over a few months.

Staff Pro Tip: Book with someone experienced! Technique is very important when it comes to getting the best results. Read up on reviews ands make sure you choose a service provider who is five star all the way! Like Flash Lab!