From our state-of-the-art equipment to attentive and friendly service, Flash Lab Skin & Laser's purpose is to provide you with the most personalized, well-rounded, practical, and comfortable customer experience. From start to finish, our team carefully considers every detail of your treatment to ensure top-quality care in the most welcoming environment.
Flash Lab Skin & Laser is a new and modern medical spa that offers advanced technology, boutique-style service, and reliable results. Our experienced estheticians are friendly, highly professional, and dedicated to developing the most effective treatment program for your individual needs.

Kelly Rheel


Owner|Chief Medical Aesthetician

Kelly began her career as a medical aesthetician working under the tutelage of one of the country’s most prominent dermatologists. Since 2008 she has specialized in various areas of clinical skincare with a focus on full face rejuvenation, specifically acne, scarring, pigmentation, and anti-aging services.
In addition to her role as owner/operator of Flash Lab, Kelly is also an educator who is hired to conduct training on all manner of equipment, including the Candela and Horizon Laser Systems, RF Microneedling, and the Jet Peel. Kelly regularly commits herself to researching and testing various treatments and technologies to sift through the junk science we see in esthetics today and bring Flash Lab a refined menu of services that work.

Jillian Syslo


Medical Aesthetician

Jillian Syslo is a seasoned medical aesthetician, recognized for her expertise in blending traditional holistic beauty practices with cutting-edge technologies to achieve optimal results for her clients. Raised in Kent, Ohio, Jill developed a deep love for nature at a young age, spending her childhood exploring the woods and collecting gemstones. This connection blossomed into a teenage fascination with ancient beauty rituals, sparking a quest that led her to the world of aesthetics.
Fueled by this passion, Jillian dove headfirst into an advanced skincare program, honing her skills under the renowned Dr. James Fulton, co-developer of Retin-A. Her career flourished, taking her through top dermatology groups, prestigious training with esteemed brands like La Roche Posay and Bio Medic, and even garnering recognition from industry giants like Vogue, Elle, and Organic Spa Magazines.
Above all, Jillian strives to create a welcoming haven where luxury meets genuine care. No pretense, just personalized attention and transformative results. A perfect Flash Lab fit!



Spa Manager

Kim's enthusiasm for self-care stemmed from a childhood struggle with confidence. "I never felt beautiful when I was young. I always looked at myself through the lens of other people. You know - beauty is in the eye of the beholder? As I got older, I realized what other people thought was less important to me. I began to focus on how I felt about myself. I began taking better care of myself, starting with my skin."
Kim got her first facial when she was 23 and has been skin-obsessed ever since! She counts dermaplaning and microneedling among some of her favorite treatments. Kim now has two beautiful daughters who she says aren't afraid to invest in themselves. Besides their academic and athletic endeavors, they have their unique at-home regimens. "All they want for Christmas is skincare products. They tell me, 'mom, I want my skin to glow like yours.'"


CONSULTATIONS: Flash Lab Skin & Laser offers free consultations for all services.

SCHEDULING: The easiest way to schedule your appointment is to call client services at (646) 998-5277.

CONFIRMATIONS: Flash Lab requires that you confirm your appointment to keep it. We often have a waitlist to get in, so if your work is not guaranteed the day before, we may give your slot to another client.

CANCELLATIONS: Flash Lab Skin & Laser requires 48 hours' notice to move or cancel appointments. Failure to do so will result in a $50 cancellation fee. We understand that emergencies happen, so we typically provide a one-time waiving of the cancellation fee. However, as a boutique skincare clinic, our space is limited. Therefore, rescheduling more than once without proper notice will result in a $50 charge or deduction from your chosen package.

LATE ARRIVALS/NO SHOWS: Taking one client late usually means seeing the next client past their appointment. Flash Lab prides itself on its appointment punctuality. If you’re late for your appointment, we may have to reschedule you, which can result in a $50 fee. No shows will sustain an automatic $50 charge.

GRATUITIES: Tips are appreciated but not expected.
REFUNDS: Flash Lab does not offer refunds on services performed or products purchased. Flash Lab does not guarantee results.