Flash Lab was formed by two New York state licensed estheticians and laser specialists after years spent developing their skills in various areas of the esthetics industry. Having met in a laser spa in the fall of 2011, it was their goal to ultimately join forces and offer something they had yet to come across in their respective careers:


From our state of the art equipment to our focused and friendly service, Flash Lab has been designed to provide you the most personalized, well rounded, effective and comfortable customer experience available. From start to finish, every detail of your treatment is carefully considered by the spa’s owners to ensure top quality care in the most welcoming environment.



Jennifer Nemeth, started working as a technician in the field of laser therapy seven years ago. Since then, she’s become proficient in an impressive array of services including hair removal, vein removal, hemangioma removal, toe fungus removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and cold laser therapy. Jennifer believes it’s not only important to utilize the most advanced technology available today but also to understand any and all machines she is operating from the inside out. She’s spent countless hours training with our company’s laser providers on our laser system’s inner workings, making her uniquely qualified not only to operate Flash Lab’s cutting edge Candela equipment, but to maintain it as well.



Kelly Rheel began her career as a medical esthetician working under the tutelage of one of the country’s most prominent dermatologists. Since 2008 she has specialized in various areas of skincare including the treatment of acne, pigmentation and age related issues to a variety of laser treatments with a focus on hair removal and non-surgical fat reduction. Most importantly, Kelly regularly commits herself to researching and testing a myriad of treatments and technologies in an effort to sift through so much of the junk science we see in esthetics today and bring to Flash Lab a refined menu of services that actually work.

Together and in partnership with a multitude of medical professionals, Jennifer and Kelly are proud to have made Flash Lab their professional home. Dedicated to keeping abreast of the safest, latest and most effective advances in health and beauty today, Flash Lab is truly the gold standard when it comes to cosmetic care.


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