Safe and effective treatments that produce long lasting results require the best technology.

At Flash Lab, we spare no expense when it comes to our lasers which is why our clients are 100% satisfied!

The Candela GentleMax Pro

This is hands down, our favorite machine to work with when it comes to laser hair removal. During our twenty years of combined experience in esthetics we’ve tested nearly every form of technology the industry has to offer and none have stood up to the capability and comfort of the Candela brand. Here are just a few things that set our 2017 model, FDA approved GentleMax Pro apart from its competitors:

Cryogen Cooling System

Candela is the only company that offers a Patented Cryogen Cooling System to provide the most comfortable laser experience available! Many lasers use cumbersome air hoses or messy gels to cool the skin. The GentleMax Pro however, delivers a quick and clean blast of cryogen milliseconds before every pulse. This provides many benefits not found with other lasers such as

  • Increased numbing for more comfortable treatments
  • Allows for higher settings without damage to the surrounding tissue which makes treatments mxore effective
  • Provides a quicker recovery time for after effects like swollen hair follicles, redness or stinging

Pulse Speed

The Candela GentleMax Pro comes with a variety of spot sizes making smaller areas easier to access. However the larger spot sizes and swift pulsing mechanism means that treatments on full legs, full arms, back and chest can be completed in half the time required on other lasers. We can thoroughly and effectively treat large areas in as little as half an hour.

Ergonomic Design

Many laser systems require that the technician operate a foot pedal or hold a cooling air hose separate from the actual hand piece. This can make for clumsy treatments with missed spots that have to be touched up later on. The Candela avoids these pitfalls with its sporty, easy to use, hand piece which has the cryogen cooling mechanism built in. This means that your technician can concentrate on giving you the safest, most thorough and effective treatment possible.

Pro Tip:

Don’t be fooled by “Lazers”!

Unfortunately, advertising IPLs as “Lazers” has become a common practice at some spas even though they are very different. An IPL is an Intense Pulsed Light which will not provide the same, permanent results as a proper laser session. Light based hair removal treatments were great 20 years ago but the technology has developed remarkably since then. IPLs are cheaper to acquire and cost less to maintain so they are a natural choice for spas that want to save money however they are NOT the same thing. For the best results when it comes to laser hair removal the Candela Gentlemax Pro is an obvious choice!

Clear and Brilliant

You have many options when it comes to treating discoloration, softening fine lines and wrinkles, decreasing pore size, stimulating collagen and slowing the overall aging process, so naturally Flash Lab wanted to choose a machine that offered the very best laser facial possible. We’ve spent the last decade working with various technologies and have found our clients prioritize these four aspects when treating their skin:


Ok, this seems obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many people come into our office and say “I just want it
to work!”. We understand this sentiment as there are plenty of devices out there that don’t, so naturally we are always skeptical about a laser that claims to do as much as the Clear and Brilliant does. However, the day
after we had our first Clear and Brilliant treatment we decided we were going to add it to our list of services. Immediately we looked more refreshed and even toned. Since adding Clear and Brilliant to our menu we’ve seen appointment requests for it skyrocket and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Simply put, Clear and Brilliant works.


Beauty is pain. We know this. However some rejuvenating treatments are more painful than others. The Clear and Brilliant is a breeze compared to Fraxel or even Laser Genesis which can create intense heat underneath the skin. Clear and Brilliant has two handpieces. For the Original handpiece we apply a topical numbing cream for thirty to forty-five minutes, however the Permea handpiece is gentle enough where a numbing agent isn’t even needed.

Treatment Time

Despite being labeled as “lunchtime laser facials” some of these treatments can take up to an hour or more to complete. The Clear and Brilliant takes fifteen minutes making it easy to schedule and convenient to commit to a package where you’ll see more dramatic results. 15 minutes is a small price to pay for brighter, smoother, more youthful looking skin!


New Yorkers typically don’t have time to recover from deep peels or more intense lasers. With Clear and Brilliant you might be a little red afterwards but it’ll be nothing like the bleeding effect you get from a Microneedling, or the prolonged redness and heat you’ll get from a Fraxel treatment. In fact the Clear and Brilliant is often referred to as a “Baby Fraxel” because it can accomplish similar results only over a period of time where treatments are broken up into gentler, less intense sessions. With Clear and Brilliant you’ll have what appears to be a sunburn until you go to sleep, with an improved appearance by the time you wake up! Fraxel treatments and Pico Facials can leave you red, swollen and even bruised for weeks. With the Solta Clear and Brilliant, you can resume your normal activities almost immediately.

Pro Tip:

Alternate chemical peels and the Clear and Brilliant Original handpiece to treat break outs or pair your Permea treatments with our Obagi C Serum for increased anti-aging effectiveness.


Cynosure is a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad array of light-based aesthetic and medical treatments, however we have found that no other company offers the same results when it comes to two services in particular: tattoo removal and laser lipolysis.

PicoSure Tattoo Removal

Cynosure introduced the world’s first aesthetic picosecond laser in 2014 and thus changed how unwanted inks were removed in a dramatic way. After years of working with slower moving Q-switched lasers, Flash Lab was thrilled to add Cynosure’s much more advanced PicoSure system for tattoo removal to its list of state of the art lasers. Here are just a few features that made PicoSure an obvious choice for our business:

Fewer Treatments Required

On a Q-switched laser it can take up to 24 sessions to see full clearance whereas on a PicoSure you can finish your treatments in as little as six. The reason this is possible is due to the speed at which the laser operates. Q-switch lasers move at a nanosecond which is a billionth of a second. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second and breaks up ink into much smaller, more easily absorbed, fragments. Your body is able to process and eliminate these “pebble” sized pieces at a much faster and more effective rate allowing for a fraction of the treatments needed on the older technology.


Another benefit of the ultra short PicoSure wavelength is that it’s safer for all skin types. A billionth of a second may sound fast but it’s still long enough to damage surrounding tissue when aiming for the ink. The picosecond moves so quickly the potential for hypopigmentation is greatly reduced, leaving you with healthier skin and better overall results.


Laser energy is delivered through a small handpiece and specifically targets the pigment in your hair. This causes it to heat up and damage the surrounding follicle enough to slow and then eliminate growth. Treatments are typically spread four to six weeks apart and require at least six sessions for your best result.


Laser energy is delivered through a small handpiece and specifically targets the pigment in your hair. This causes it to heat up and damage the surrounding follicle enough to slow and then eliminate growth. Treatments are typically spread four to six weeks apart and require at least six sessions for your best result.


SculpSure takes half the time that CoolSculpting does. At 27 minutes per 4 applicators, SculpSure truly is a lunchtime laser. The Coolsculpting system requires an hour to treat one area making treating up to two areas in one visit a time consuming process that you need to plan for. With SculpSure you’ll be in and out and resuming your normal activities before your boss even notices you’re gone.


This is quite possibly the biggest difference between the SculpSure and Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting’s applicators are designed to suck the fat into them and attack it from all angles. This can be incredibly uncomfortable and leave you with significant downtime, swelling, bruising and even a numbing sensation. SculpSure’s applicators are smooth and lay flush against the skin. No sucking or painful pinching involved!


Because of the different applicator designs the results from these treatments can vary drastically. Coolsculpting’s system of sucking the fat in between two panels can leave the fat hard, uneven and lumpy for extended periods of time if not permanently. SculpSure evenly delivers heat to the subcutaneous layers of fat to give you smooth, even, beautifully contoured results.