Laser hair treatment

Dermapeel - Combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation for super smooth skin 

Treatable Concerns: Dull skin, tone, event prep

A quick and easy way to rid yourself of vellus hairs, the Dermapeel leaves you fuzz free and feeling fresh!

How Does It Work? 

A 10 gauge blade is used to gently remove baby hairs from the face while also lifting superficial pigment. A light chemical peel customized specifically for you is then applied to absorb any excess debris which may be clogging the pores and further brighten the skin. Perfect for event prep this 30 minute service sets the stage for flawless makeup applications.

How Does It Feel Like?

The Dermapeel is 30-45 minutes of face time with no discomfort.

How Often Should I Get This Treatment? 

Our clients repeat this service every three to four weeks.

What Should I Do to Prepare for My Treatment? 

This is a gentle service that doesn’t require much prep but is not recommended for clients with active acne

How Do I Care for My Skin Afterwards? 

Avoid cleaning with hot water for three days afterwards. Sunscreen all day!