Laser resurfacing treatment

Laser Genesis - A gentle collagen stimulator for overall rejuvenation and skin health. 

Treatable concerns: acne, diffuse redness, tone, texture, loss of elasticity

A lunchtime laser facial which has become a staple of the aesthetic industry, this 20-30 minute service builds collagen, strengthens elastin, reduces redness, kills acne forming bacteria, and plumps skin cells leaving you looking even toned, healthy and hydrated.

How Does It Work? 

We use the Candela Yag laser to heat up lower layers of the skin stimulating collagen production, clearing dilated blood vessels and deep cleaning the pores of bacteria.

How Does It Feel Like?

Clients often describe the Laser Genesis like a day at the beach. The face is divided into sections and a “painting technique" is used to quickly bring the warming laser back and forth across the selected area.

Is There Downtime? 

Some flushing may occur however redness usually subsides within a matter of minutes of hours. Normal activities can be resumed within a day.

How Often Should I Get This Treatment? 

The Laser Genesis produces subtle results at first which become more noticeable over time. For that reason, we recommend an initial series of 3 - 6 sessions spread 1 - 2 weeks apart with monthly maintenance after that.

How Do I Prepare for My Treatment? 

Significant sun exposure should be avoided for two weeks leading up to your treatment. Clients cannot be taking antibiotics for ten days prior. Retinol use and topical acne medication should be discontinued three days before treatment.

How Do I Care for My Skin Afterwards? 

Avoid cleansing with hot water the day of. Sunscreen the rest of the week!

Add Ons  

PCA Sensi Peel - For clients concerned about rosacea or acne breakouts, one pass of a PCA Sensi peel can be applied to exfoliate from the top down while new cells are making their way from the bottom up.