Photo facial treatment

Photo Facial - Wipe out sun damage in as little as one session!

Treatable Concerns: Tone, Sun Damage

The Candela Gentlemax Pro’s Photo Facial treatment is ideal for anyone seeking to eliminate sun spots, freckles or age spots, and even their complexion overall. This service is effective anywhere pigment is prevalent including the face, hands, chest, legs, arms, and back. This treatment is not safe for all skin types and works best on Mediterranean tones and lighter.

How Does it Work? 

The laser is attracted to pigment. The color in the spots draws the laser in where pigment granules are broken up and absorbed by your body. Between 1-3 treatments may be necessary.

What Does It Feel Like?

You will experience a pulsed heating sensation. Treatments last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

Is There Downtime? 

Spots will darken and crust over a period of up to two weeks. New, pinkish skin will be visible after the damaged cells slough off. A period of about one month is required before final results appear.

How Do I Prepare for My Treatment? 

Avoid exfoliating treatments and significant sun exposure for at least two weeks. Clients cannot be on antibiotics for 10 days leading up to this treatment. Discontinue retinol use for one week prior.

How Do I Care for My Skin Afterwards? 

Nothing should be applied to the skin for at least four hours after treatment to allow the heat to continue working underneath. After that, aloe or Aquafor can be applied multiple times a day to speed up recovery time. Don’t cleanse with hot water. Makeup is not recommended while healing. Sunscreen all day!