TruSculpt iD


Safely and quickly eliminate unwanted fat with our TruSculpt ID body contouring system. The TruSculpt ID is THE most sophisticated and effective technology on the market today for non-invasive fat removal. Its use of radio frequency instead of lasers or cooling mechanisms allows this machine to access deeper layers of fat than its competitors, offering a more significant reduction per session and potentially fewer sessions overall for optimal results.
The TruSculpt ID’s unique applicator design allows more accurate targeting of unwanted fat. In addition, this treatment takes half the time of its competitors to complete (only 15 minutes) with NO downtime! Safe for all skin types, this revolutionary new system will help you lose inches and tighten skin on any area of the body, including the jawline.

Laser hair treatment


Laser hair removal permanently eliminates unwanted hair. This treatment is effective in all areas of the body and typically requires at least six sessions, spread six to eight weeks apart, to see life-long results. Flash Lab offers single sessions or discounted packages on our Candela Gentlemax Pro laser (not IPL) for the best possible outcome.
*Please note: This treatment only works on pigmented hair. Blonde, red, or gray/white hair will not respond to this treatment.