Chemical peel treatment

TCA Peels - A gentle exfoliation which always puts your best face forward 

Treatable concerns: Tone, Texture, Acne, Pore size, Fine lines and wrinkles

The PCA brand of TCA Chemical Peels are ultra customizable to treat a variety of skin concerns. This superficial form of exfoliation is great for clients who are new to advanced skincare and want to see improvements in their skin’s vitality and overall health. Safe for all skin types.

How Do They Work? 

A combination of acids exfoliate surface level damaged cells while antioxidants soothe and nourish the skin beneath. TCA Peels are left on the skin for 6 hours to slowly penetrate lower layers and provide an even result leaving your youngest, healthiest cells most visible.

What Does It Feel Like?

Clients can feel mild to moderate heat or a brief tingling sensation. A fan is used to cool the skin and nourishing products are applied post treatment.

Is There Downtime? 

Clients will experience mild to moderate flaking from 1-4 days. If you have oily skin you may not flake at all, rather exfoliation will happen on a cellular level with dead skin and debris being absorbed instead of sloughed off.

How Often Should I Get This Service? 

TCA peels are gentle enough to be part of your regular routine. Every 4 - 6 weeks is recommended for optimal cell turnover.

How Do I Prepare for My Treatment? 

Exfoliating treatments must be avoided for at least two weeks before. Discontinue retinol use and topical acne medication three days prior.

How Do I Care for My Skin Afterwards? 

Avoid cleansing with hot water. No workouts for 24 hours. Makeup should not be worn during the healing process. Suncreen all day!