The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Let’s get real for a minute: waxing is no way to live.

First of all, it hurts like hell.

Second, it’s not even permanent! You need to go back every few weeks, or else risk looking like that guy who had his hair cut in the 80s and hasn't trimmed it since.

Third, it’s expensive!

A woman who waxes just once or twice a month will spend more than $23,000 dollars over the course of her lifetime.

Lastly, the agony of getting an ingrown hair after a Brazilian wax is an experience I wouldn’t wish upon even my worst enemy.

So how do you escape this vicious cycle of pain? Laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal is the most permanent and cost effective method to achieve the smooth, hairless, silky skin you've always dreamed of.

While it may seem like a big investment initially, laser hair removal will actually save you thousands in the long run compared to other hair removal methods.

Why? Because it is permanent!

And, if you ask any of our clients at Flash Lab, they will tell you it is worth every dime.

Think you might be ready to take the plunge?

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about laser hair removal to help you decide if it’s right for you.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method of permanent hair reduction that uses highly concentrated light to penetrate hair follicles. This light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles and converted into heat, damaging its chromophores (aka melanin or pigment) and preventing future hair growth.

What Type of Laser Is Used?

At Flash Lab, we use the Candela GentleMax Pro laser - the gold standard for effective hair removal.

The GentleMax Pro is a dual wave-length laser, (meaning it targets both fine and coarse hairs) and excels in providing safe, high speed, effective laser hair removal with high patient satisfaction and comfort.

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

GentleMax Pro is effective when used on all skin types and can effectively target fine and coarse hair. 

This treatment only works on pigmented (dark) hair. Blonde or gray/white hair will not respond to this treatment.

Prior to the treatment, your provider will examine the desired treatment area to determine the best wavelength to be used based on your skin color and type.

Is It Painful?

Overall, laser hair removal will be a breeze compared to waxing, and many clients describe their experience as painless.

Depending on the treatment area, clients may experience very minimal discomfort. Laser hair removal has often been compared to snapping a rubber band against the skin.

Any discomfort you experience during laser hair removal will resolve quickly and is minimized by the patented Dynamic Cooling Device with the GentleMax Pro laser

On the day of your treatment, make sure the desired are is clean-shaven and thoroughly cleansed of any makeup, creams, oils, topical anesthetics or self-tanning products.

Do not expose the treatment area to sunlight or tanning booth light prior to or immediately after treatment. 

During the procedure, a small hand-held device is used to emits the energy from the laser through your skin and into your hair follicles. This destroys the hair follicle so that hair can no longer grow, without damaging the surrounding skin.

Laser hair removal treatments are fast (a lot faster than waxing).

Depending on the area, it can take as little as a few minutes to complete a laser hair removal treatment. For example, both of your legs can often be treated in under 15 minutes.

While there's no downtime associated with laser hair removal, you may experience minimal redness immediately after.  A cool compress or gel pack may be applied for additional comfort if needed.

You should avoid sun exposure to the treatment area for a week or so following every laser hair removal treatment.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Multiple treatments are required to see the full hair removal effect.  Clients usually need at least 6 treatments spaced about 6-8 weeks apart to achieve the desired results. 

During your consultation, your esthetician will determine an appropriate number of treatments based on your hair growth, hair type and color, and the area of removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

A series of laser hair removal treatments will provide you with permanent, life-long results.

Clients typically report about 90% permanent reduction in hair growth after completing a series of treatments using the GentleMax Pro laser.

After every treatment, you will notice a gradual lessening of hair.  Any hair that grows back in between appointments will be significantly sparser, finer and lighter.

Once you complete the initial series of treatments, maintenance treatments (just once or twice a year) may be recommended, depending on how your hair responds

Final Thoughts

Laser hair removal has come a long way over the past decade with major advancements in technology and devices. 

State-of-the-art hair removal lasers, such as the GentleMax Pro, provide a more effective, safer, and less painful treatment than traditional lasers.

You can put an end to the inconvenience of ingrown hairs, razor burn and expensive monthly waxes by opting for laser hair removal.

At Flash Lab, our estheticians will provide you with a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs and hair removal goals.

Check out our laser hair removal packages and schedule a complimentary consultation today!